Some questions about Glitch Member

Hi I’m thinking about buying the Glitch Member. And in the understanding there were some doubts.

(talk about the monthly)

1- Is the payment made automatically or is there confirmation for the money to be withdrawn from the account?

2- If you do not have confirmation, can you cancel? And how is it canceled?

These are my doubts I hope someone can help me ^^

Hi there @DanielUchilah!
It’s great to see you back on the forum and that you’re interested in purchasing boosted apps! I would think you would get a quicker, more in-depth response if you got in touch with Glitch via or by creating a ticket on Happyfox, but I am sure other Glitch Boosted Apps users can help you out with your queries as well!

Hope you can get your questions answered


Thank you, i already open a ticket on happyfox too :smiley:


Here the answer I got from Glitch’s support team:

oh i already get this information, im now Glitch Booster!