Some things you might not know

here are a few things newcomers might not know

  1. gitignore hides files

gitignore hides files, why? because your glitch project is actually a git repo you can access- and gitignore hides files in this repo.

  1. your project is a git repo!

think of glitch as github, only better-

each repo is your project, with a code editor and terminal. And you can assign contributors and admins.

you get a link you could push changes to via a VPS, or migrate with to gitlab/github.

  1. the glitch terminal

glitch terminals are actually terminals connected via SSH with a package called Xterm.js, if you try to recreate it then you’ll see they are almost alike.

  1. glitch is great, don’t leave!

I thought glitch uses WeTTy.

It does, but a lot of ppl don’t know that :insert_shhh_emoji:

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You can also host a website on glitch cdn.

Muhahah we shall not fear the rate limits. Hopefully they don’t impose limits on the cdn anytime soon.

Cross your fingers :crossed_fingers:

WeTTY uses Xterm.js.

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ah, thought it was SSH no weTTY

WeTTY acts as a sort of proxy to the underlying SSH server.