"Something took to long to do" Discord error


Since few minutes, my Discord bot isn’t responding and is offline. Sometimes i got the error Something took to long to do in the console.
I think my projet is on a ban ip. My project name is my-discord-dev


The server your project runs on is in that case indeed banned from discord’s API. There’s a megathread you should post your project name in to have this fixed. You have already found this one, so for now the only thing you can do is wait.

Good luck with making your discord bot! Happy glitching!

Thanks for your answer

From the thread, it says that it affects regular Discord bots, Discord IP bans the bots that are abusive to their API, but they might have IP banned some projects on Glitch too for safety measures.

I believe it is because multiple discord bots run on the same glitch machine. Discord’s API notices the excessive amount of requests from one machine for many different bots. This is presumably why discord bans that specific machine from using their API, which is in turn why all bots on that specific machine will stop working.

Discord can’t IP ban a specific project, as an IP belongs to the machine and not to the project.

Thought I had to clear that up. Issue is still the same nonetheless.

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