Something took too long to do. error

I’m getting the Something took too long to do. error now so my bot can’t login. Does anyone know how I can fix this??

Create a post here with the name of your bot. But I see you already did that, so hey, good for you!

so how long do you think it’ll be till this is fixed? :thinking:

Should be sooner than later :slight_smile:

ok hopefully its fixed soon :upside_down_face:

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bruh when r they gonna fix this lol it’s been a while

Its not on glitch’s side, if you sent the request, they will look at it. Glitch support is not on the forum 24/7. Plus, there are many projects in queue waiting. Your not the only one. Please be patent :smile:

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hmmm for a paid service this is kinda slow

They usually refresh it in a day or so. They check the megathread, but sometimes ips change by themselves :slight_smile:

In fact, the IPs get banned because of abusive, usually free, apps meaning that now people can’t host bots on here without paying this shouldn’t happen as often :slight_smile:


but since I pay for this service I shouldnt have this much downtime

This is unacceptable. It has been hours and I don’t even know if the staff are looking at the thread. I shouldn’t have to wait this long for them to fix this. I understand that they are really busy and have a lot of projects to move to new servers but they could at least say in the thread about how long it might take for them to fix this.

Look, its only been three hours and the staff are likely sorting out the outages instead of checking discord bans. You need to be patient, it should be fixed soon.


My bot has been offline for 4 hours for me (at the very least)

As I said, they usually check it every day/24 hours and this probably won’t happen much anymore as most free bots are gone :slight_smile:

How will I know if my project was moved to a new server??

Chill man, they are humans, and they are busy with other persons like you. They’re doing it as fast as they can. They aren’t gods that fix everyone’s problems in a snap.


Still offline :cry: :cry: :frowning:

Hopefully this won’t happen much after it’s resolved this time

As I said a day. Wait one day, then tell me it’s not online.