Sorry folks, some projects may not be loading at this time. We are looking into it!

We are responding to an issue that is preventing some projects to load. You can receive updates by going to


ungh, projects are responding so… so… slow…:snail:

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This is an issue with the reverse proxy maybe? Well I’m glad I haven’t started working on the client side of my new app

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Things should be returning to normal now!


Can confirm, the loading issues are gone now.

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Thanks for getting this fixed!

Yep my project is show this

@raffypradest That isn’t a Glitch outage problem, that’s the screen that Glitch shows when there’s no script to run. This ~/ page is listing out all the files in the root directory.

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Not a glitch outage… It’s because you don’t have an index file.

I just check your project, it appears to return an ok now!
Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 12.20.13 PM