Space is completly full, and no .git file exists

So when making a Python Discord bot, my disk space suddenly filled up, and I cannot do anything about it. I cannot run prune, gc, or anything. I cannot find the .git files either. This is kind of time sensitive, as this is my beta bot, and I need to push a database fix!

You might want to contact Can you also run ls -a and show me the result?

That is not a command?

Did you run it in the terminal of your project?

Yes I did, and it said ‘command not found’

Can you send a screenshot of that?


Please run this command.

app@fantasy-lake-pulsar:~ 00:42 
$ ls -a
.  ..  .bash_history  .cache  .data  .env  .git  .glitch-assets  glitch.json  .local  .nano  .profile  public  requirements.txt  views

You do have a .git folder.

What happens when you run git gc && git prune

It says no space.

Ok, try running this command:

rm -rf .git

Then check your space.

It stays the same.

Use la or ls to show all files/folders.

Try deleting your node_modules folder, run enable-pnpm in your terminal then run pnpm install.

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There is no node_modules folder on Glitch.

Third column from the right.

Even then, not much data there.

What’s shrinkwrap.yaml? It got imported into my git repo once.