Space is completly full, and no .git file exists

It is actually part of Node. I don’t go too deep inside Node that much.

Must be this:


Ok, still haven’t gotten help.
Here’s a ss of my files.

To see where most of the disk is taken up, try du -h -d 1

du means disk usage.
-d 1 means depth of 1, to avoid the spammy result in .git
-h means human readable sizes.

An example

$ du -h -d 1
3.1M    ./.local
581K    ./.cache
1.0K    ./.data
3.0K    ./views
2.0K    ./.config
4.0K    ./public
1.0K    ./node_modules
188K    ./.git
3.9M    .

Thanks all for your help, i found out my python3.7 file was 144mb, so i just deleted it, started fresh, and its all good now :slight_smile:

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