Speed test using a certain site (see post)

Project URL: https://reddit-speed-test.glitch.me/

Have you heard about fast.com? Someone told me that Netflix launched it to expose ISPs that were throttling customers’ connections to Netflix. I built something similar for you to test your connection to Reddit by trying to load one of the top videos of the day.

Sometimes I feel like any video hosted on Reddit might as well be an hour-long version of this animation:

I figured I might as well measure how bad it is. I wrote up this project using Reddit’s RSS feed


and XMLHttpRequest progress events

On the other hand, maybe my ISP is fine and Reddit is really slow. Who knows?


That is pretty cool.
Could you change it to let the user put in a link?

Can’t think of a way to do that! Do you know if there’s a way to get the v.redd.it URL from a normal link? Ideally something that could run on the client. We were lucky enough that the actual videos are served with CORS allowing any site to download them. Could there be some other public API for getting the video URL?

Very cool project, always wondered why reddit videos are slow considering its behind two of the world’s largest networks, Fastly and Amazon, both with at least 50 tbps network capacity…

my theory is that the reddit frontend always requests like 6 videos at all four quality levels simultaneously