Speedtest, on Glitch!

Project URL: https://speedtest-yonle.glitch.me

After a long time of thinking, Yeah… It’s time to create, a speedtest server… Yeah you’re not dreaming.

In story of this project

I’m getting bored with some popular speedtest server like speedtest.net and more like that. You tried to check the code to know how they works, But they obfuscate it. Right? That’s why i create this project. Anyways, Enjoy!

Github repo: GitHub - Yonle/speedtest: A simple speedtest server with frontend (Web) support


Well it seems like there’s a problem regarding Upload speed shows 0 in glitch.
Other host is still OK yet.

This issue can happend when your container performance decreased. Like when your CPU maxed up. I would like to recommend user to use this project with boost enabled.

This issue is now resolved. Yay!

Liked your project :wink:

But im just crying with worst internet in Europe :cry:

  • 0% Obfuscated code
  • 0% Ads
  • 0% Tracking
  • 0% Google analytics
  • 0% Logging
  • 0.3% Frontend Source needed (14KB only!)
  • 0% Third party server
  • 100% Completely Open source
  • 100% Completely Free
  • 100% Fork is welcome!
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On Ookla’s speedtest.net, I get ~220 mbps on both download and upload.

but here, I get ~50 mbps download, and ~30 mbps upload.

I don’t get how the speed has slowed down significantly by switching speed test services.


Maybe it’s the Glitch project proxy slowing it down?


I was going to say because it was megabits per second but in that case yonle’s would have to show bigger numbers
I suppose we can try this on giggl/invited internet with is like gbps and see if there’s a bottleneck somewhere


Heyya buddy.

This issue has been fixed before: Fix false calculation · Yonle/speedtest@7033147 · GitHub

Also sometimes, Glitch Proxy slowing the speed down as well. Meanwhile, You still able to speedtest at another mirror (In Github README).

Edir: By the way, Byte to Bit = Byte must be multiplied by 8

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If you compare with other mirror, Then yes.

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Different Server = Different Speed :wink: