Sprites showing up at different elevations for what seems like no reason?

I’m using Phaser 3 to make a game, and I can’t figure out why the left and right walking sprites are showing up at different elevations. I have one sprite, a rectangle that represents the player’s hitbox and a sprite attatched to it, and different textures are set to the sprite to play animations for the player. Looking at the files in the editor, the left and right animations look like they’re on different elevations, but when I load them into piskel as spritesheets with 64x64 frames, they look the same, as well as in my computer’s files. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks!

The walking animations are in assets/sam/sam_left.png and assets/sam/sam_right.png, and the main file is in scripts/general/script.js, and the movement code is in the moveTick function that is stored as a property of the scene class.

Link to the project code