SQLite and HTML

Im brand new to SQLite and I opened the project template and Im more lost than I think I have ever been between handle bars and the SEO stuff I have no clue. Im wondering is there a way to just use basic HTML JS and CSS with the SQLite database if so how would I go about doing that? If not does anyone know a good way to get started learning all of this?

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Keep asking since I am still learning the ropes of programming. But what I’ve learned is that if I can’t put it into my own words, I don’t understand the principle underlying the issue I’m attempting to solve.

Wikipedia’s source list at the bottom of each article is a great place to start if you have no background knowledge of database structure or are having trouble with the syntax. When we’re just starting out, we may not understand some of that material.

However, as part of my job, I am required to do research, and in doing so, I came across several resources that might be useful.

1 official site
2 sqlite tutorial
3 W3schools
4 Discord Developers

This is the official Discord Developers channel.
I don’t want to promote servers, but they might be able to point you towards a good server to join.

Good Luck :blush:

I’m going to start us off with “no,” as an answer to a not-entirely-straightforward interpretation of the question. You listed “JS” among HTML and CSS, suggesting that it’s something you put on a web page for use in a browser. And for the usual use cases of SQLite in a web application, that’s not a viable design.

Critically, you need to write a program that specifies who’s allowed to do what and how to do each of the things that someone’s allowed to do. Interestingly, that program may be written in JS—and it probably will be if you build it on Glitch. It just won’t be running that JS code in a visitor’s web browser. So to everyone following along who knew the answer to the question exactly as asked had really been “yes,” you’re right. But to everyone else the answer to the real question of “can I just do it with the skills I have from building a web page?” is still “no.”

Back to the asker: what are your goals for using SQLite?

If the core part of your issue with that template is the handlebars and SEO content, we do have a minimal version of the starter at ~glitch-blank-sqlite and the old (but never forgotten) ~hello-sqlite.