Sqlite clone/remix has no .data folder

hi! I cloned @jennschiffer 's guestbook, and it seems to be working but I don’t see my database. Shouldn’t I have a separately persisted db?

I am worried it won’t persist after timeout.

p.s. I think I am asking @GoodNovember’s question BUG: .data/<file> not preserved on reload about how to edit it after it has once turned invisible. It doesn’t make sense to me that we can’t ever edit / see a hidden file except after the first session?

hi! what is the project name - I’d be happy to check it out and see what’s up

so i went and was able to add a record and it’s showing even on page refresh.

the items in the .data folder intentionally do not show in the sidebar. if you want to see it and its contents, you can view the file via the console under “advanced settings”. click the console button and when the terminal is loaded, you can run the following command to list what is in the .data folder:

ls .data

or you can view the contents of the file by running:

cat .data/guestbook.db

and if you want to edit it, you can do so with linux built-in text editors like nano, emacs, vi. by calling their respective commands in the console. for example, i’d personally do:

nano .data/guestbook.db

edit that file with extreme caution!!