Sqlite Discord Bot Error Corrupt?


So, I am using quick.db which is an sqlite wrapper. And I got an error. No matter what I do, I can’t get it back up and running. I also can’t get into it because it takes ages to load. Also, I can’t restart it because I don’t know how to make a backup. Here is my app https://usagix.glitch.me


Hey @Bobthemoose we’ve seen problems with the better-sqlite3 package before. Often running enable-pnpm in the console will help to resolve that issue, but not always.

You also appear to have the debugger turned on, which might be related to general problems connecting to or running your bot - I’d suggest turning that off and seeing if that at least gets you part of the way there.

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Hey @Bobthemoose we’ve seen a rash of this error, which is slightly different than the one we typically see.

If enable-pnpm doesn’t fix things up for you, can you please try rm shrinkwrap.yaml and then enable-pnpm and let us know how that goes?