SSL Certificate for Google Domains from Glitch

Trying to set up CNAME with it pointing to my project but it is saying project not found because it isnt using https, anyone know how to do a SSL Certificate.

I also need my domain removed from the project atomix-dashboard

When you say that the domain is not secure, is this said explicitly by the browser or by Cloudflare via a 525 error (if you used it) ?

Im not using cloudflare i am using google domains, but it is saying not secure

Can I have the domain in question to verify it? 20 characters

According to a WHOIS scan your domain does not return any ssl certificate via the Google Domains server


yeah i am trying to figure out how to get an ssl, i have heard about lets encrypt but i dont understand how to do their stuff with glitch

Your requests return this error according to Afnic :

This status indicates that it is not possible to transfer the domain name registration, which will help prevent unauthorized transfers resulting from hijacking and/or fraud. If you do want to transfer your domain, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.


yeah i am able to enable transfer, but lets encrypt is confusing for me to understand, i dont know where to start with their service

I do not use Google Domains but it does not offer an SSL certificate with the purchase of the domain ? For the sake of encryption it will be necessary to configure all this via the servers but you have the solution to use Cloudflare it is simpler and they provide a strict security protocol which is free

on the cloudflare site all i see is contact us, how fast do they respond

No need to contact Cloudflare it will suffice just to create an account and to point the domain name via their server after that you will have a wide choice of panel and optimization for your site

and it is completely free?, it took a lot of time to get my parents to let me get this domain

Yes this is free, the basic plan offers a lot of optimization to suit everyone

thank you so much, hopefully i wont have to ask another question now lol

Don’t worry, if you have any other questions or if you’re stuck somewhere I’m here :grinning:

thank you for being a big help

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I did the form and it came back with this

wait now i am more confused, i went to the site again and i have a signup option. welp sorry for the reply

Use the registration button