SSL handshake failed on cloudflare

Normally my sites fully work with cloudflare but this one is giving me a ssl handshake failed error


Same issue,
Eventually had to disable the site via cloudflare and change to the default domain

I’ll try emailing glitch about the issue, mind giving me your domain so I can also provide them with a example?

Actually, instead of disabling the whole site, I should’ve just made it redirect to the default project domain :pensive:
Instead people now open 20 tickets asking about it

I requested for it to be removed and removed it from cloudflare, just use the forum link

This is also happening to me. Glitch maybe changed the ports of projects.

Hey all!

Thanks to all of you who reported this, and also reached out to cloudflare. I believe we have the info needed now to address this.

I have notified our team and will post an update here once this issue is resolved.

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