error help!

/etc/app-types/node/ line 43: 15804 Bus error (core dumped) node server.js

Someone pls help!!
Website -
If you need to join the project dm me

It could be that your project is out of space. Please DM me a join link so we can take a closer look. Thanks.

did you get the invite link?

Im currently getting an error
Saying disk i/o error
@Gareth Can you help?

i no longer have any errors but can someone still please come check my project out and see what i can free up space on because i had it working by freeing up some space but then it was filled back up

I’ve taken a look, but there’s not a lot more you can remove that you aren’t actually using. Your project is now only using 24% of it’s space allocation though, so you look to be in good shape.

Though I recommend you put your sql database files in a folder called .data. It’s automatically .gitignored so won’t fill up your project space so quickly.

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