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Hello i want to create a discord bot whit a peer of and glitch does’n not support this in the logs write cannot found please help me

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Hey @MIMIGAMING83, welcome to the Glitch forum!

It would be really helpful to see how your project is configured in this case; Running python on Glitch is slightly more complicated than running Node. Can you share your project name?

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okay no problem the site have a private messages sytem i doesn’t post a link in this public topic @cori

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If your project is private, no one aside from folks you explicitly invite and a few Glitch staff will see your code (in part so we can help with problems like this), so you can safely provide your project name here. However, you’re also welcome to send a message to the @support_staff group or to me, or to send an email to with your project details (as a new user you would probably have to resort to this).

We don’t need the project’s “join” invite token to see your project; the project name is sufficient. You should avoid posting project invite tokens publicly for any project, private or not, because that gives anyone who follows them full access to your project and all of its data.

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@cori if you are an acces to projects with name of project it’s for you the name of project ‘perfect-dugout’

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Hey @MIMIGAMING83, the problem here is how Glitch handles python projects, which is mostly undocumented. What happens when there’s not a package.json and is a requirements.txt file is that Glitch runs our python scripts (which you can see for yourself in /opt/watcher/app-types/python/ using your project’s console).

The script there looks for a script in your project and executes it. That’s why you were seeing the initial error that we couldn’t find the script. You’ve now added that file, so you’re not seeing that error, but your start script isn’t telling Glitch what to do when your project starts, so you need to put something in there to tell Glitch what you’d like it to do. In your case I’m guessing that should be something like python /app/xenon/

Hope this helps!

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@cori I have tested your solution and the logs say please upgrade the pip whit a command pip install --upgrade

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That’s a normal suggestion, since the version of pip that’s in the container isn’t up-to-date. We’re working on updating the container software, but I’m not sure when that will be ready. In the meantime you should be able to ignore that warning.

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@cori the warning cause the installation for plug-in impossible the logs say want an update for pip i have writethe pip install --upgrade pip in the console and reply to me "you have a inssuficient permission.

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It looks to me as though the aiohttp install is failing, likely because it requires a slightly newer version of Python than what’s installed in the container. That’s probably related to the fact that you’re using the rewrite branch of, which also requires a slightly more up-to-date version of Python3 than what’s available.

Until we’ve updated the containers with a more recent release of python / pip, I’m afraid you’ll have to stick with the pre-rewrite version of Sorry for the bother!

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no problem @cori I’m going to coding an other bot whit discord.js