Static projects

hey ! how can I make one of my project static and unactive static site from a other project ?

First, you should know what is Static Projects.

What is Static Projects?

Static projects make your project 7/24, means that you will not have to see a loading screen every 5mins.

How can i make it static?

If you want your project to be static you shouldnt have (i may not be true but) package.json on your project. (Applies for node projects.) Static projects are generally websites that only has html, css non-node javascript etc.

Can I make my Discord Bot static?

n o. Because its node you cant. it will be offline every 5mins.

(Im sorry if you didnt understand, im still mastering english lol)


Just adding on to what @Mustafa said, if your project doesn’t have a package.json (for node), requirements.txt (for python) or glitch.json (for things like php), your project should be a static site.