Static Site goes to sleep anyway

My site is static but goes to sleep anyway and needs to wake up to load. This seems to have been an issue in the past ([BUG] Some static projects go to sleep) and it is still affecting my project.

r u sure ur paying for the static site?

You don’t need to pay for static sites to stay awake.

yes u do u didnt kno u need a subscription

oh static sites u dont have to pay for but u gotta pay for em to stay up thats what boosted sites are

Weird, contact about this.

What I suspect happened was this was a non-static site in the past and Glitch’s system didn’t switch it over to s3 when it became a static site.

A normal static site has the server: AmazonS3 header, while your site does not.

I looked at this project source:!/mschf-web-app

I see the config file for node.js here, such as package.json.
It is obviously not treated as a Static Site.

You need to remove package.json to make your project Static Site:

Or if you build using node.js, you can make it a Generated Static Site. This is a recent new feature:


 "glitch": {
    "projectType": "generated_static"
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Boosted apps stay awake, have extra memory,
more disk space, and no rate limits.
Upgrade your account to boost your apps!
u can only keep em up with boosted not static

Always-on static apps are free. Anyone with a registered account can create one.

The difference with Glitch Pro is that you also have the option to set some of your full-stack apps to always on as well.

The wording on this post could maybe be clearer. Static sites go to sleep like any other project, and site should sleep too.

But special for static sites, Glitch is supposed to be able to serve them without first waking them up. That’s what’s missing here.

There’s no package.json in /app, only in a subfolder.

You can see the STATIC SITE on the dashboard. Does it appear in your project?

Without it, STATIC SITE is disabled due to an apparently existing file.

Screenshot of my dashboard showing that the project mschf-web-app is a Static Site

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