Still get that EIO error, after following posted advice [fixed]

So my project has been getting the i/o error a lot. I followed the pinned advice and ran enable-pnpm in the console, but got the following response after a few minutes: curl: (52) Empty reply from server

I also now see the following new error in my Log:

at: module.js:549

Error: Cannot find module 'node-env-file'

I am not using discord.js. Any ideas?

Hey :slight_smile:

I remixed your project over into so that it could run and I could see the logs.
I noticed this log entry:

ERROR  Invalid name: "Legend of the Plaid Dragon"

at ensureValidName                 …normalize-package-data/lib/fixer.js:335  throw new Error("Invalid name: " + JSON.stringify(name))   

at fixNameField                    …normalize-package-data/lib/fixer.js:215  ensureValidName(, strict, options.allowLegacyCase)

at                                 …malize-package-data/lib/normalize.js:32  fixer["fix" + ucFirst(thingName)](data, strict)            

at forEach                                                                                                                              

at normalize                       …malize-package-data/lib/normalize.js:31  thingsToFix.forEach(function(thingName) {                  

at final                           …ules/read-package-json/read-json.js:411  normalizeData(data, warn, strict)                          

at then                            …ules/read-package-json/read-json.js:160  final(file, data, log, strict, cb)                         

at                                 …ules/read-package-json/read-json.js:364  return cb(null, data)                                      

at                                 …e_modules/graceful-fs/graceful-fs.js:78  cb.apply(this, arguments)                                  

at readFileAfterClose [as oncomp…  fs.js:511

I thought that might be related, so I took a look at and… I admit I’m still not totally clear on what’s allowed to be in a name, but I figured I’d try it without the spaces.

Setting "name": "Legend-of-the-Plaid-Dragon", in package.json seems to have fixed the issue; the error went away and the remix is live now.

I filed a case in our bug tracker to polish up that error – showing that stack trace isn’t all that helpful there :wink:

Boom! That did it! Thanks a lot!

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A project name should also be lowercased.