Still having problems

So, glitch stop ping service temporary. But still after adding this restriction glitch is having more big problems. My projects are not loading and i am not able to edit them. So, what is the benefit of adding ping restriction. If that doesn’t really solved the issue. Instead of that glitch should ban all those account who mass spam glitch and also stop anonymous project development. Or either add extra protection on the account. So, that no spammer or any hacker will misuse the free functionality of glitch.

From what I have seen its had a big effect as projects work which they barely did. The editor is still a bit slow but its an overall improvement

to me it sounds like a joke to say its an overall imporvement…my projects go to sleep all the time and then EVERY.TIME. start downloading ALL of the node modules for about 5 minutes then start up jsut do shut down again after 30 minutes or so. This repeats multiple times a day…frustrating to call it an overall improvement

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That node modules issue is a real frustration.