Stop 12 hour restart?


Is there a way to stop the 12 hour restart it’s annoying thanks something like keepin the app alive until I restart it.


Hey @Mordo right now there isn’t a way to do that, but when we are ready to release paid plans, always-on projects are something we’re considering as an option. I believe you already know about using Uptime Robot, which is the closest you can do right now.


I don’t think glitch used to restart every 12 hour why did you guys start doing this?


We’ve done that for a long time, if not always. It helps us keep our fleet of workers running efficiently so we can continue to offer these services for free.


It also helps if someone left a project running but wasn’t using it. I have seen that a lot on other sites where a project was left running for no reason or purpose and it just takes up too many resources.