Stop allowing people to put a dash at the beginning of their project name?

The site won’t work anyway, so I don’t see why you’re still able to do this. A URL with a dash at the start will return the “DNS Diagnostic” error so yeah.

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I may regret this but… the reasons for not preventing this are many. Among them is a dash is probably not the only “rule” and writing more and more code to prevent someone from doing something they will discover is a problem is a never ending task.

What is generally needed is documentation that outlines the rules for naming projects. If the docs explain that it can’t start with a dash and someone does it they learn a) to read the docs first or b) to read the docs second.

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If there is a technical limitation involved, e.g., the DNS specification states that particular characters are not allowed at the start of a hostname, Glitch should disallow such occurrences from happening. Conformance with such technical complexities are hardly a valid concern for Glitch. It’s likely that their provisioning software already raises an exception for invalid hostnames to prevent such issues from happening.

That being said, hostnames are allowed to start with dashes, per the DNS specification. It shouldn’t actually cause an issue.

EDIT: I’m wrong. RFC 952 does not permit hostnames to start with a dash. Glitch’s provisioning software likely reports occurrences of this issue but it could also be misconfigured to ignore it entirely.

What browser is displaying the error? On what operating system is it running?

Let me revise my suggestion a bit. If in fact there is a straightforward regex (or something) way to verify compliance then perhaps it should be part of the name check. It is already checking for duplicate names correct?

I don’t know how long after the project is created that the error arises and if from that error whether a personal can reasonably determine the cause. I guess I’ll have to try it one day just to see :slight_smile:

I tried renaming a project I no longer need and sure enough it produces as an error as one would expect. I suspect the actual error will depend upon the browser/app that tries to access the site.

I received the following using the Brave browser and given that it doesn’t pinpoint the name as the issue I think it sounds reasonable to receive a message from Glitch during project set up…

This site can’t be reached ’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

Hi there - thanks for flagging this! I’ll let the eng team know so we can put a filter that prevents that from happening! I’ll also make sure we update the Help Center to document proper naming conventions for projects, etc.


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