Stop glitch for automatically committing


How do I stop glitch for committing to my Git repository?
So far it keeps filling my git log with :hamburger::scorpion: Checkpoint
And I had no idea what I’ve done during those commits!

It messes up my log history, and since I’m not the type who loves to remember, I heavily reliant on those messages… Are there anyway to stop this? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @jippy89 you might take a look at How to disable .git?, but in short there isn’t a built-in way to disable the git commit process.


Hey @jippy89 I put together an example that stops the automatic commits using a git hook. Check it out at


I tried to do this by creating the file through the Glitch file manager. This is to be avoided though, since it’ll keep a connection to the file open and this will stop you from committing at all.


Hey @SkipHendriks, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’m sorry that didn’t work as advertised. I’ve retested it with /app in the paths and didn’t run into any trouble, my goal there was to make it do it didn’t matter where you were in the project’s filesystem when you ran the command. Do you recall if you saw any errors?


@cori I just deleted them because I reckoned that the base path off the project would be / and not /app I didn’t see any errors since I never ran the original script, so no worries. All is well.

Ps: I will edit my previous post to avoid future confusion.