Stop telling me Glitch Autosaves

Every time I press control-s, a message pops up saying “psst. Glitch autosaves.”

Here’s a clue, lots of other programs don’t. So it’s going to be a huge habit for people that when they’re coding, they hit control-s.

Does it hurt Glitch for them to hit control-s? Are you trying to break them of the habit so when they code in something else they lose their work because they didn’t?

I know you auto save. I’m not going to stop hitting control-s. But it’s really making me want to use Glitch less, because I feel like I’m being corrected or shamed for what is a good habit elsewhere. Could you put a limit of Glitch saying it once per session or something?

Hi @YiddishNinja, welcome to the Glitch forum! If you move this to the #feature-ideas category you (and others!) can vote to have this prioritized as a change to the product.

Hey there,
I have moved this to the ‘Feature Ideas’ category since the topic is more of a feature idea.