Stop trying to build a project after I knowingly break it

I get a small panic attack when Glitch keeps trying to re-build my project after I knowingly break it. It’d be nice if I could click a checkbox or set a timer that stops Glitch from trying to build the site for a while.

hey kaycebasques,

Not breaking production while you’re editing is certainly something we plan to solve in future releases. If it’s more a matter of not wanting your browser to update everytime you type can disable that behaiviour in the user options menu:
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It’s not ideal, but our current recommended workflow to not break prod is to remix your app, make your changes, export your remix to github, and then import it into your original project.

Hope that helps, thx

A workaround I’ve used to stop a bunch of rebuilding when I know stuff is going to be broken is to create a watch.json in the root of the project with only {} in it. That way I can go in make my changes and then just remove the file when I’m done and it triggers the start script and rebuilds.

Hmm Refresh App On Changes seems to be what I’m looking for, which I was aware of, but for some reason I thought it did something else, or perhaps it wasn’t working before.