Storage Space for app


I don’t know if this should go in “Feature Ideas” but i was wondering if there’s anything i can do to increase the storage space to 350-400 in my case rather than 128mb.

A paid feature would most likely be implemented if i’m too blind to notice it, but i was wondering if there’s a solution to this.

Thank you.

Whoops not possible,
The possible thing you can do is,
If you are using any images or other files, then id possible try to put in inso assets.

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What froosty suggested is a good idea, you can also free up space in your project. It’s always worth taking a look at the size of your .git directory - git gc and git prune can help reclaim some space, and if you are not concerned about losing your git history, you can remove the .git directory using rm -rf .git from the console.