Storage Warning


I have a disk storage full warning but none of my uploaded files seem to be a problem (I remixed it and deleted all of them). I also ran the command below the disk percentage but it didn’t help.

Project name: cdnpophelp


Hey @efewqefwfd, in this case it’s not your git repo that’s the problem. If you run du -hd1 in your project’s console it will tell you that you’ve got a lot of space taken up by a folder called .pkg-cache. I’m not sure what that’s for here, but if you can clean that up you’ll get about 150Mb back.

Hope this helps!

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Okay, I’ll try using the debugger to remove it.


How do I remove those files?


Thanks for that command i will use that to know what consumes my space then before i think off opening new topics

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Hi @efewqefwfd if you’re sure the files aren’t needed (I don’t know how those files were created - perhaps something to do with the pkg package in your dependencies - so I can’t say whether or not they’re necessary), running rm -rf .pkg-cache in your project’s console will get rid of them.

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why not save us by making a full tutorial on all these storage warning errors like including some of these commands so that in the futre you can just link to them instead of stressing yourself commenting on one and same thing all the time…

at times i weep for you because you work so much…

what do you think?

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