Strange Random Error

My bot received an error because “express” was missing (i didnt even touch the bot for a while) So i removed the requiring of express and im getting errors that alot of modules arent installed. So i ran pnpm install in console and i got
EACCES: permission denied, symlink ‘…/’ -> ‘/rbd/pnpm-volume/46a7e2f1-2c54-4cfe-b7e2-814278287f75/node_modules/@babel/code-frame’

Can someone help? The project refuses to start and our bot is mandatory for our big server. Thanks

For now i’ll try move bot to another project

Pnpm is acting up on a freshly new project (not a remix) too

Hey @SpeedyCraftah we had a momentary problem on some hosts. Please try running enable-pnpm (again, if you’d already done it) and let us know if that resolves it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Yes, everything works now. Thanks

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