Stripe Success Url Failure

I am trying to integrate a one time payment from stripe onto my project and everything is working up until the successurl. The error message says
Cannot GET /guardiansuccess.html
My current code looks like this. I am unsure as to why it is getting the GET/ message as I followed the Stripe implementation plan exactly and they do not use another redirect function.
Current code:
const YOUR_DOMAIN = ‘https://{projectname}’;
success_url: ${YOUR_DOMAIN}/guardiansuccess.html,

Have you set an expressroute for /guardiansuccess.html?

app.get("/guardiansuccess.html", (req, res)=>{
// do whatever
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Hi, thank you for answering, I tried that but for some reason it prevents it from even getting to the checkout page. When I press the checkout button it doesn’t do anything. In my previous code I showed I was able to get submit a test payment and then get the error. Not quite sure as to why nothing would happen though now.
This is the code that I was referring to-
success_url: app.get("/guardiansuccess.html", (request, response)=>{
response.sendFile(__dirname + “/views/guardiansuccess.html”);
}) ,
cancel_url: ‘https://(projectname)/views/index.html’,

Hey there!
Have you whitelisted your Glitch app’s domain in Stripe’s Checkout settings?
That’s what usually causes this error (can be seen in the console). You can head over to

Settings>Checkout Settings>Domains

And fix this.

I hope this helps!