Stuck at fetching project and website waking up


Both of my projects that I work on daily are down, the editor is stuck at “fetching project” and the website is stuck at “waking up”. What should i do?

Edit: oh and I can’t access the console, it says project not found
Edit2: deleting the projects then undeleting them doesn’t fix the issue, also remixing them
Edit3: 6 hours in and i still cant do anything. Remixed project of the stuck one goes stuck as well, deleting the project and undeleting does nothing, i cant access the console
and i need my project files
Edit4: 7 hours now and nothing still…
Edit5: Projects came back to life 11 hours after shutting down.

I’d like to know what was the cause? An outage?

Project Stuck at Waking up again

Hey @Min to be able to know what happened we’d need to know you project names so we can dig in. We didn’t have any widespread outages that I can see during the time period you seemed to be having trouble, but there may have been an issue with the specific host(s) your projects were running on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!