Stuck installing node modules

In all of my projects, they seem to be stuck on

node v12.0.0, with pnpm

Does anyone have an idea of what I can do here?

(it’s been like this for around 2 days.)

Installing via terminal doesn’t work either, it will say it can’t find the modules.

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I also had this problem today. I fixed it by un-boosting the app and then re-boosting it. Editing my watch.json file didn’t help - it just kept stopping at Installing...

@glitch_support might want to look into this since it seems to be affecting multiple users.

This also happened to my project twice today.

Hi @directlycrazy and @joe and @raf555,

Sorry your are running into trouble with this and thanks for reporting. Can any of you share an example project in this stuck state? Is it happening to multiple projects you each have, or just one?


Actually the issue is now already fixed, mine is now working fine.

I don’t know whether this issue affects my other project or not, because i didn’t keep my eye on it, but i think they’re fine

Yesterday, it happened to every project I had made. Today, this is resolved, but still occasionally does come back.

Glad to hear it was only temporary. Feel free to drop in the a specific example project if it happens again and maybe we can take a closer look.

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@dluxemburg This still seems to be happening to various projects of mine. I get them out of it by boosting and then unboosing - that’s the only way.

I don’t have an example that’s currently stuck in that state because I can’t afford to leave it in the state when visitors to the site are hitting gateway timeouts.