Stuck on Loading Project

For some reason, my project has been on the loading screen for a while now. The webpage itself is not accessible and trying to edit the project loads the project indefinitely.

There seems to be a lot of posts about projects not loading up. I took a look at and nothing seems to be wrong…
@glitch_support is there anything wrong with Glitch right now?

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Hi @WovenCoast

I’m sorry that your project wasn’t loading! I just checked and it looks like you can get into the project editor now. If you still can’t please let us know by pinging here or sending a message to

@RiversideRocks thanks for pinging us! Projects can get stuck loading for a few reasons. Most commonly they are:

  1. Project has exceeded or is close to exceeding our technical restrictions.
  2. There are errors in the code that are preventing it from opening.
  3. There is a hiccup in our system.

In this instance, I do believe a system hiccup may have caused a few projects to get jammed up. When this happens, the issue will eventually resolve itself.

However there may be times when a user needs to contact us so we can take a look at what is going on.