Stuck on NPM Install

node v8.11.2, npm 5.6.0

I keep running into this error. I looked around and tried what I found on these two links:

But none work.

What else can I do? :confused:

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Let us know the project name and we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

How can I DM you? I don’t find that option anywhere.

Try using these method:
Install your pacakge

Install your package


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If you click on my name you might see the option to send me a message. If not, you can mail me it at Thanks.

Was this ever solved? I’m having the same issue now.

node v8.17.0, with pnpm
 WARN  waiting for another installation to complete...

Installing Node version 8 can’t be a good idea in 2021.

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