Students invitation links are all expiring regardless of the time

Hi some students are submitting join links and they are all expired when I click on them. Sometimes they are expired minutes after they are sent to me. How can you reliably share links for the Teacher to join projects for assessment if they expire on a wildly varying timeframe of inconsistency. Why is this complicated?

Elaboration: Students are sending me their work and when I go to mark their work it’s expiring. Sometimes I’m standing right next to them and they are clicking the share button and sending it to me and it still won’t work. Having students resubmit after their due date is very very bad for me and for the credibility of the course, plus as I allude to this doesn’t always work and I’m forced to mark assignments on their own computer while they wait.


Thanks for your report! I am sorry that the invite links are expiring so quickly! They should last for a week.

I have notified our team and they are looking into it. I will send you a message as soon as I find out more.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience!

I know that you said sometimes this happens within minutes of the invite link being sent. However, I just want to check with you:

  • In any of these instances, does another member of the project who received the same invite link as you leave the project? If so, that would reset the invite token.
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In the circumstances that I can recollect this hasn’t happened in those samples specifically. Also if they should be expiring in a week I’m currently reviewing submissions a 3 weeks ago without an issue when it works.

If this tool is going to be used for education then those links need to be long lasting or they are useless. Ultimately teachers rarely mark university submissions swifter than 1-2 weeks. That’s also normal for me, so my minimum is 1 week if I’m lucky.

Hopefully you stabilize the feature and increase the length before it expires. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that additional info @misterhtmlcss - this feedback is very helpful to share with our team. I’ll post here again when I get an update on what’s going on with your invite links.