Stupidly secure chat app

Project URL:

Have you ever wanted a secure as heck chat application made with This is the app :slight_smile:

  • Messages are signature validated by the server using an Elliptic Curve keypair
  • Unsigned messages / badly signed messages are dropped

If you find a way to get an unsigned message through the check I will be suprised.


Note: My Glitch Pro subscription ran out so you have to go to in order to use the app.

Hi! I used the backend for this for something else, so this broke :frowning:

Check out while I make the forum post for it.


reviving old glitch projects is an amazing idea, loved glitchchord

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More will be coming soon- stay tuned. I’ve yet to add logging in (Zarran API reimplementation needs to be added) and so far a lot needs to be done. :frowning:


I’ll be using a touch of Zarran. Oh, check out while you’re at it- we switched to Svelte 4 and redesigned the login page!

EDIT: What the heck? Where did Tiago’s comment go? I got an email about it :thinking:


Cool! I’m very curious to see how the new Glitchord 2 will evolve, for now it seems very minimal!

Plus: CrowdCards still seems much in beta, @eris do you plan into adding a better homepage (e.g. with title etc.)?

On the subject of Glitchchord: We’re adding logins, support for usernames (WITH DISCRIMS) and servers.

CrowdCards: We’re still working on that :slight_smile:


Nice job bringing back Glitchchord. I think it’ll be interesting to see it once you are done. I think I logged in during editing because things started breaking. :rofl:

What broke? The app should be online somewhat.

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