Styles.css keeps freezing


Hi… just beginning to code. Started a project and haven’t done much on it but now it keeps freezing whenever I try to add anything on styles.css - I can do whatever I like in index.html and can click the ‘show live’ button but as soon as I’m the stylesheet I can’t do anything!

Any fixes?


hi! what’s the name of your project, i’d be happy to take a look!


Hi Jenn

It’s sophisticated-eggplant. Thanks, I really want to be able to do a lot more to it - I was only just getting started!!



so it looks like you found a bug in the editor css parser! you seem to have pasted html into the css by accident and it was tripping up the editor. we’ve removed some of that content so things should stop freezing, but you still need to fix your syntax - you can look at my remix of your project and the working css here:!/observant-forest?path=styles.css


Thanks! Stopped freezing now :blush: Trying to work out how to just get one

element as an overlay to the image but struggling. Guess I need to learn some more!!


Getting somewhere now! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: