Subdomains with glitch

I have a domain and I want to hook up subdomains, how can I be able to do this.

If your website is, and you want your subdomain to be hello, type in the Glitch custom domain area “”. Back at your registrar add a CNAME record for “hello” and make it point to the url glitch gives you. That should do the trick!


I mean multiple subdomains with one project

It generally depends on what you wanted to do but in many cases it stays the same they just create a CNAME and point it to the desired “link”. Of course this should be done in the dns area of ​​your domain name

Domain not working :upside_down_face:

I don’t think you can in that case.

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So what your saying is, is that if i go to that link you made and it was working(not sure if you removed it), i could navigate the whole glitch site with the same endpoints?

Yes but this is only a redirect you can create a lot more with A, CNAME, AAAA it just depends on the use

Alright have to hit 20 characters