Subfolders and Organization/Optimization

WE NEED SUBFOLDERS. (or at least I guess I do)

I have to emphasize that loud and clear because it seems that there is no way to nest folders in the editor. The code that I am importing has that in it and its very important that it is this way so the code works. If this feature already exists, I *must* know about it because I've been struggling. I like this website a lot and it feels limited by the fact that there is no nesting.

  • riddim_dubstep

Uh yeah you can make folders by just creating a new file called "<folder name>/<file name>". For folders inside of folders, just add another /


Hey, are you sure that Glitch supports subfolders in editor.

:point_up: I’ve used subfolders this way before. count me as sure

‘Thanks, my mistake, ya’ll. I figured it out shortly after this.
(still needs the ability to drag an already created folder into another folder, would make it less unintuitive)’

Instructions on how to use folders are written on the file creation dialog :slight_smile: