Subject can be deleted. It was dissolved

subject can be deleted. It was dissolved.

For IP Address, Glitch projects don’t have static IPs. Though if you use *, you can go to project console and do ping * to get IP.
( * = Some random letters )

Hopefully this tutorial I made will help you. It’s a step by step process on how to setup your own custom domain for your Glitch project. It even lets you have your own SSL certificate.

Hey @hamzaeser, as @Ashutosh-3601 noted you don’t need the IP address of for your DNS config, you need the IP address of the domain that was provided when you set up the Custom Domain in Glitch. You can also use the IP address for; that URL and the url you were provided are interchangeable.

So if you go here, that will show you the IP of You can replace that with the domain you received in the setup if you’d prefer.

Hope this helps!

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