Subversion and .hyperdev-assets files show up in the GitHub output

Hey folks, there are two groups of files that I don’t expect to have export to GitHub: the .hyperdev-assets file which tracks the assets, and the .subversion folder. Is there anything I can do to make them go away?

I tried adding .hyperdev-assets to my .gitignore file but that broke the assets function in Gomix, so I’m not even going to try doing that for the Subversion directory.

Hi matt,

thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile: yes, .hyperdev-assets should be left there as it is needed for the editor. We will make sure that the .subversion folder doesn’t get into GitHub :slight_smile:

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I guess if one presumed use case for GitHub sync is “Make it so we can import this same GH repo to a separate Gomix project and have it show up exactly the same”, then you’d want the Gomix assets to sync as well. :thumbsup: Thanks!

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