Suggestion: Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a distribution known for being extremely simple and lightweight thanks to software like the Musl libc, and is popular among e.g. Docker containers, and growing among VPS providers. Knowing how resource-bound Glitch projects are, and that Ubuntu 16.04’s EOL is in April 2021, it would be interesting if Glitch started using Alpine, which provides on-par performance while using as little as 800 MB of storage and 50 MB of RAM for a basic install.

P.S.: sorry for the lack of references, I can only post up to two links!

We need new container images, especially if Ubuntu is going to reach its end of life next year!

if the glitch staff deem it as a good test, they will most likely open a beta of some sorts, if the beta fails, we will probably stick with ubuntu 16.04 until paid plans could come out

We should wait but we will have to switch at some point because then glitch will have to maintain ubuntu when it reaches it’s EOL