SuperPyOS rewrite!

We’re rewriting SuperPyOS!


Core- Import/init system services
Core- Add application API methods (start, stop etc)


Add command handler in external script
Integrate utilities like settings, command adder etc.


Add connect to external OS (SSH kind of thing)
Add auth with sqlite3 module

  • To be updated, stay tuned!
  • In pure python3

What is SuperPyOS you ask? it is a project that should work like an OS without install. It does NOT install onto any systems as it has no bootloader.


What is the superpyos? This is a operating system for the computer??

I added some stuff!/remixsp

Make sure to reinforce the fact that it’s not designed to be written into your boot drive. Some guy who might have been joking, flashed aurora os into his computer and complained to snorp that it was making beeping sounds


This is not an actual OS as such, yet

niceee! good work! i’ll see if this can be added!

Yep, editing description now…

SuperPyOS was based on an idea from a friend- it was designed to be cloned and ran easily. Because of our limited working space we’re not writing bootloaders at the moment.

However- not installing on a boot drive has it’s benefits, like no waiting time and a fallback if an execution error shows up

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Yeah, similarly since WSL doesn’t have to go through stuff like boot it can startup instantly.

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WSL is cool but some stuff breaks on it. Take Nmap for instance.

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Yeah WSL has a not so good kernel, it lacks in a specific function needed for running kde plasma and it also has a dbus issue

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I saw windows added tar.exe, ls, and CD on powershell.