Support email not working and the email I sent

The support email is not working I sent this and this is the email I sent: We got a email from our bot host and coded with you and this is what they said ,


there’s a 403 Forbidden error, which means this is something that needs to be fixed on the side of Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do on our end, thank you for your understanding.

Please advise what this error is and ETA on repair as our bot Hexx Downtime


-One of the HEXX admin name is Kristopher Mencarelli and user name on Gamer1
Look at this:none rn but later I will have.DM our email [email removed]

How long ago did you send the email?

Today 6:41pm EDT it was sent.

Glitch is not open now, you should wait at least a day.

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Glitch is a company, and sren’t open 24/7. Be patient.


UptimeRobot was banned from glitch.

Then why a 404 err?

It’s then a 403 error.