Support emmet syntax in html file

Please please please support Emmet syntax in html file


I just pushed an update with Emmet support. Let me know what you think :slight_smile: !

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A superb feature! Thank you :heart:

Did we lose emmet support? it doesn’t seem to be working in the editor

I’m wondering where Emmet is, as well. As a new user, I was expecting it to be present and working out of the box, but it’s not. Is there something we have to do to bring it in or enable it?

We’ve gone back and forth on adding Emmet support by default. Right now it is currently off. The main challenge is that it essentially doubles the size of our JS bundle for features that not everyone may use. We’re exploring a way to enable it without imposing the size burden on people who don’t use it but it may be some time before we find a satisfactory solution.

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Understood – that’s certainly a serious consideration, for sure. Thanks for the info. It makes me wonder about opting into this “feature” (or I suppose any other resource or size-heavy file) on a project-by-project basis. Knowing users could use it, others wouldn’t be encumbered. But I’m sure even that has ramifications. Good luck with finding a way!

Agreed. Emmet support is definitely something I miss when editing front end code. Maybe offer it as an optional plugin?

hey pastelsky and somascope,
yup some kind of opt-in for those that need it is what we eventually plan to do.


+1 for the option to turn on Emmet. What I’m doing now as a workaround is kind of goofy – using VS Code to write whatever I need Emmet for, then copying and pasting into Glitch.


+1 for this option. I just started using Glitch and was a bit surprised to find this not built in.

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Came here looking for the same thing. Incredibly, @kinduff has solve this for us. His plugin works as advertised.

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Would it be possible to do a dynamic import of Emmet so it doesn’t bloat the initial page size but is lazy loaded after?

Hey, ummm this emmet on glitch thingy doesnt work in my editor… Why? I already have changed devices and it still dpopoesnt work. Anybody has an advice?