Support for LaTeX mathematical notation


We are interested in using Glitch for collaborative development of documents in markdown. However, we use a lot of mathematical notation. It would be awesome if glitch could render LaTeX math notation in the markdown preview. E.g., we would embed code like this in our markdown: $$Y_i=b_0+b_1X_i+e_i$$ and get a beautifully rendered equation in the preview. Most markdown editors do this, which makes me think it’s a feature others would want too! Thanks!


With this and your other thread, we’d be interested to know more about your use-case. This isn’t something Glitch is primarily setup for, but it’s something we’ve discussed so we’re keen to hear more about how you’d be using it.


We are building a platform to support continuous improvement of online materials for learning. Multiple authors collaborate on content development, all of which we are doing in markdown, and then their work needs to be integrated into a master branch. So, we need version control (which is why we are interested in GitHub and glitch), and collaboration. Our pages include some external services (such as DataCamp coding exercises), which we are embedding using iFrame. We also include mathematical notation (LaTeX) and images. Ideally we would be able to preview our pages as we edit using glitch. Do you think glitch is a good platform for this?