Support: Missing files, e.g. client.js?

I know this is free and all, but a couple javascript files are missing from my client side. Odd things is, the app still works… I can’t see “client.js” in the left file menu.

I’ve exported the project to GitHub, and I see that all the files get there, client.js and one other .js file, is missing.

I’ve logged out/back in.


Ahh I see a related support question on this. Yes, there are some “SOH” Ascii 001 characters in the files, but these are not “binary” files.

So… need a little help to bring client.js and fixparserjs.js back in to edit view


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Have you tried importing from GitHub?

Well, yes, I can import the files fresh. But apparently “glitch” sees the FIX Protocol \001 tag separator as meaning the whole file is “binary”, and hence banishes the file from the editor window. Takes an hour or so for their analysis to run.

Not even an hour - about five minutes later, and the files aren’t in the editor window.

Same issue here. It was a large-ish (700kb) minified JavaScript file. Mostly normal JS, I don’t know if there were any special characters. The file has disappeared, but the code still runs.

I’m not able to sync to/from GitHub (no problem there, I just don’t want to grant the permissions).

When did the file disappear? What’s the project name?

It’s been missing for a week and a half now, I think. The project is trendy-lights.

@donmccurdy In your case, the problem is that the file is too large. The current limit is around 300k, and that file is around 740k. It’s still there in your project, the editor just won’t display it.

Good to know, thanks. I hope to put that code on NPM eventually, which would be better all around, but wanted to test things out here. :slight_smile: