Support Never Responds

After emailing over a websocket issue well over a month ago, I opened a ticket in as well and got absolutely no response either way. This is my last resort effort to get them to read my support email. If I’m doing something wrong, I’d appreciate if you can redirect me.

Hi @conqr2,

I am sorry that you are not seeing our responses! Can you please tell me what the ticket #s are for your support requests so that I can look them up and help you figure out why you are not getting them?

Closing this because I just realized they don’t reply by email and instead through HappyFox

@conqr2 every response that our support team provides in a support request ticket is sent to the email that the user has provided. If you are not seeing the responses in your email, please check your spam folder, or All Mail. Our responses will be coming from the email,


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