Support not replying

I email like a week ago for a domain removal request. Since then glitch has not responded. Gmail hasn’t failed me yet so I’m assuming the email got to the support team.

and yes I forgot to put “the” before project.

So I’m sure I sent it to the correct email address
So my domain is still linked to my old project

i’ll ping @support_staff!

Glitch support could currently be out of office due to the coronavirus.

maybe, but i got this reply when i asked:


Thanks for checking in!

Yes, glitch and the people who make glitch are doing okay. We are washing our hands, practicing social distancing and continuing to work on site improvements.

Stay safe and have fun Glitching!

hi there @javaarchive - sorry this was missed. I searched our email tickets and it appears your email never made it to our ticketing system. i also just searched for that cname in our database and it doesn’t come up. can you tell me the name of the old project it’s linked to so i can see if the project shows any cnames?

The project is called ironite and it is linked to and I belive . I linked it to temporarily but forgot about the difficulty of removing domains. Also when I tried to add , it said to email which I did yesterday

I looked up what cnames are associated with the project “ironite” and nothing comes up. I also looked up both of those cnames and they didn’t come up. Did you set this up using the custom domain feature in our editor’s Tools section?

I just remebered I set this project up with the website which they no longer have. I’ve emailed fly and I’ll see if they can remove it.

I think I can try to reconfigure everything using a new fly app and seeing if I can use my old domain.

So luckily I was able to reconfigure everything through the new apps panel