Support tickets been sitting idle for 39 days

@glitch_support can you give me an update on tickets #UN00009462 and #UN00009463

I opened these in April and I haven’t gotten any response about them (I have received the system’s message that the tickets are created–that’s where I got these ticket IDs).

update: Glitch provided evidence that they had attempted to respond, but issues are keeping these responses from being delivered to the users. This thread is now a guerilla investigation into how to use the ticket system and what aspects of it are creating a bad experience.

Did you get a automated confirmation message after sending them?

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oh yeah I have the automated thing about the tickets being created. I’ll update the topic to clarify

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Good to note as support may ask about that.

Hi @wh0,

I’m sorry you didn’t see our response. We followed up in ticket #9462 about a month ago asking for you to provide additional information. Maybe it got buried in your inbox? I will send another message so hopefully it surfaces for you.

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This was probably spam detection. I hate the thing. Hope you can get the issue resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks, I got the message just now.

I think I’m using the ticket system wrong. I tried replying to the message I got just now, and the system notified me that it opened a new ticket. How do I add a message to an existing ticket?

The support rep. asked for more info about the issue, but I seem to be having trouble with the ticketing system overall, with the lost responses and spurious new ticket creation. Is the primary interface not email? Is there maybe a web interface to the ticket that I can use?

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You can use Sign in with your email and you can view ticket status.


I’m going to see if I can find a reference to that site from an official Glitch source. Thanks

@glitch_support can you confirm is the glitch ticket service?

Yes. It is. I can see the ticket I created today on it. That’s really helpful and is much easier to use than the email. May use that in the future :slight_smile:

I checked on, and there’s no reference to happyfox that I can find. No link to it from anywhere that I see. Just felt that I should post that to justify why I didn’t know about it.

Then I searched in my email for happyfox, and the ticket creation notice showed up. But there was nothing visible about happyfox still. But lo and behold, buried in the “show original headers” was this:

References: <>
Reply-To: Glitch Support <>

Okay, there’s apparently some jank stuff going on in the ticket system. That Reply-To is not set in the message I got just now. Instead, it bears:

Reply-To: Report A Bug <>

So when I replied to that message, it indeed opened a new ticket.

Glitch, y’all’s support systems are broken.

I think glitch uses multiple services for email: Happy Fox and

Visiting with bring you to

And what in the heck, I can log in without a password of any kind?

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Thats a bit concerning…

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Update: I’ve “logged in” on happyfox, and my tickets are in the “CLOSED” state. Maybe that’s why it wouldn’t direct me to reply into that ticket.


I’m glad you flagged this because we haven’t gotten any feedback about this issue before - probably because most folks don’t log in to HappyFox when communicating with us - they reply to the message from their personal email inbox.

Within HappyFox (our ticketing platform provider), support request tickets are marked “Closed” after every support team member’s response. That way, we are alerted when the person who created the support request responds. When this happens, the ticket is automatically updated to “In Progress”.

I can see how this would be confusing to users who do choose to login to HappyFox to view their support request tickets. I’m sorry about that! I will take a look at our settings to see how we can improve the experience for folks who prefer viewing their support requests directly in HF.

Regarding what-the-heck-is-happy-fox and why do things look like this…

  • We are in the process of launching a new help center that uses the HappyFox platform.
  • We have completed the first phase - which was to redirect dms to support through the ticketing system and copy over our help articles to a new knowledgebase. You can preview that here. Just be aware that this is not the final version of how it will look.
  • The next phase includes updating those urls you have mentioned.
  • Once everything is completely setup, we will make a pupdate about the new help center.

@tasha Sounds great! I love it so far! :slight_smile: Can you put it on a custom domain? Might be a bit better than sending them directly to happyfox. I actually knew you used it because it sent my ticket there, but I never knew there was a UI!

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That sounds great @tasha!

Maybe something like or (hc = helpcenter) would assure users that is the official Glitch support service.

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it also seems happy fox attempts to spoof the email address meaning it fails authentication and is flagged on email clients